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Book The Teachings of the Ocean by Jernej Rakuscek

Based on ONLY real life experiences. Over eight meter waves in Hawaii are just a part of it! THIS BOOK IS BEYOND THE TOPIC OF SURFING! Impossible dreams do not exist. That is a fact Jernej manifested. This is the true meaning behind the story of his life. To experience this, he decided to teach himself something completely remote for his area of life. He decided to master surfing. In order to help You understand the magnitude of events that followed, imagine being a person from Senegal who decides to teach himself how to fly a helicopter and snowboard. Then, that person leaves all the commodities of his hometown dwellings, uses all knowledge gained from all aspects of life, denounces the opportunity to have a material comfort zone and ventures into the unknown. There are people who believe and support, but only to a point. The person's decision to travel to Alaska, rent a helicopter, fly it on top of a summit, land it and snowboard down into the valley, is beyond even the most optimists. The person is alone with the vision of success and trust. The contents that intertwine in the book dance around the human experience and those of water, energy, waves and the universal spirit. The main message of the book is that Your entire life journey consists of sequential sessions in the ocean of always moving energy and ever-changing information. You have no means to control this ocean. But, You do possess abilities to properly observe it, adapt to it with accord, time Your actions wisely and express Yourself in the way that You are. Ex-pressing yourSelf then imprints your environment and the spiral continues. To live in accordance with the way of the ocean/water. Observe. Adapt. Time. Express. It means to take lessons from an activity and use them in everyday decision making, choice choosing, possibility creation and practical experiencing. Seeing that they, lessons and ways of attitude as taught by The Ocean, produce a lifestyle full of presence, happiness and effortless acting, still seems incomprehensible. This book shows the logic behind it all. Surfing is more than an art, sport or leisure activity. It is a re-creation, for when we fully do it, we recreate our being. Time and again. As always, Aloha. 


WAVERGY -  constantly flowing wave of energy in a body of water and mind.