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Magek Tara Verde Mala necklace

Buddhist mala strung with 108 beads. 

Mala of 108 Malachite stones, between a piece of bamboo coral and a handmade olive wood tassel.

Malachite, regarding its benefits, it is considered that malachite amplifies positive energies, causing spiritual energies to reach the planet. It is, without a doubt, a protective stone, since it is responsible for absorbing the negative energies that dirty our soul. Malachite also absorbs contamination from plutonium and protects you from radiation; as well as electromagnetic pollution. Clean and activate your chakras, and tune in to malachite, your spiritual guide. If you decide to place it on the third eye it will be able to visualize things. However. On the heart it will give you harmony and balance, while opening the love towards the rest.

MAGEK: Handmade Buddhist malas strung with 108 beads made from organic materials & semi-precious stones. Designed & crafted in the Canary Islands.