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Magek Jacomar Mala necklace

Buddhist mala strung with 108 beads. 

Mala of 108 beads in turquoise bohemian crystal, tiger's eye guru and interpiece to count the times we pray the Mala. On the physical level, turquoise, like blue, has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good color to look at, especially for relieving pain from cuts and burns, as it helps heal and soothe wounds.
Turquoise is also known to boost the immune system and is therefore ideal for treating colds and flu. The tiger's eye is responsible for warding off negative energy and attracting positive vibes. It is an excellent amulet to attract wealth and good luck. Increase concentration, creativity and inspiration. It helps us increase our confidence in ourselves, and eliminates fears.

MAGEK: Handmade Buddhist malas strung with 108 beads made from organic materials & semi-precious stones. Designed & crafted in the Canary Islands.