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Chakra beads on adjustable string necklace and brass spiral. Handmade and one of a kind. Each chakra has it's own stone and color.

Root chakra - Jasper

Sacral chakra - Aventurine

Solar plexus chakra - Calcite

Heart chakra - Jade 

Throat chakra - Turquoise

Third eye chakra - Sodalite

Crown chakra - Amethyst


- Jasper 

One of the most common interpretations of the spiritual meaning of this stone is that it carries an energy and vibration of peace and calm. it confers patience and understanding on all who connect with it. Is also widely to be a very nurturing stone, bringing comfort and reassurance to the wearer or bearer as well as feelings of optimism and freedom from fear. Root chakra stone.

- Aventurine

It’s a stone that works to bring a jangly nervous system back into balance. For those who feel the fire of frayed nerves and burnout, Aventurine will help lower your blood pressure, regulate the thymus gland, and lend a hand when it comes to gifting a new lease of life energy. As a heart connector, Aventurine also helps in all things linked to circulation and boosted well-being.

- Calcite

This stone empowers you to let go of any negative emotions from your past. Is part of the sacral chakra that is known for partnership and influences your fears and strengths. if this is out of balance you can feel a lack of energy, once balance, your body will be energised to create and love passionately.

- Jade 

Good for bringing lashings of good luck. Ancient cultures would wisper that this is a dream stone. It’s highly renowned for metaphysical magic and has the tool for emotional healing. Hart chakra stone.

- Turquoise 

 Throat chakra stone. Reduce anxiety, have the ability to calm the energy around you and helps past life healing. 

- Sodalite

It brings order and calmness to the mind. Encourages rational thoughts, objectivity, truth and intuition along with verbalization of feelings. This stone brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks.It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite balances the metabolism, boosts the inmune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies. It combats radiation damage by soaking up electromagnetic smog. Treats the throat, vocal cords, larynx and helps with hoarseness and digestive disorders. It cools fevers, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of body fluids. Can also help to prevent insomnia. 

- Amethyst 

Energy protection, balancing, use for meditation and strees relief. Crown chakra.

LAITLAH- Earth inspired silver art jewellery handmade in the Canary Islands.