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Jhana ZODIAC choker necklaces offer support for all the star signs.

By pairing hand-picked healing crystals with the personality traits of each sign, they help to encourage a lovely sense of balance and peace while also highlighting the strengths of each zodiac sign.

Each necklace is handmade using high quality semi-precious crystals, 925 sterling silver beads and waxed string cord.

Made to last and be worn daily, both in and out of water.


CAPRICORN | Lapis Lazuli

22nd December – 20th January

Capricorn is reserved, prudent and patient. Often ambitious. Your motivating force is a desire for success and purposeful pursuit of your destiny. Determined and quick to seize opportunities.

Element | EARTH

Dominant Keyword | USE


AQUARIUS | Aquamarine

20th January – 19th February

Aquarius is assertive, independent and inventive.  It’s the sign of the future and visionary. Often unorthodox, original, wacky and witty people who refuse to follow the crowd.

Element | AIR

Dominant Keyword | KNOW


PISCES | Blue Lace Agate

19th February – 21st March

Pisces are intuitive and emotional. Imaginative, romantic and impressionable. Having the quality to be adaptable and often have a great understanding and intuition. Leading with your heart.

Element | WATER

Dominant Keyword | BELIEVE


ARIES | Amazonite

21st March – 20th April

Aries is the sign that signifies leadership and courage.Often impulsive, creative, optimistic and open to change and new experiences.  Life is marked by arriving at a certain place and then being turned in a new direction.

Element | FIRE

Dominant Keyword | AM


TAURUS | Selenite

20th April – 21st May

Taurus is quiet but affectionate. The sign that signifies dependability and patience. Often the person that others count on. Can often be stubborn and resistant to change. Because perseverance is the quality most needed for success, you tend to be successful.

Element | EARTH

Dominant Keyword | HAVE


GEMINI | Citrine

21st May – 21st June

Gemini is the mix of the yin and yang. Lively, energetic, versatile and intellectual. Living primarily in the mind rather than the emotions. Quick in thought and action and clever with words.  

Element | AIR

Dominant Keyword | THINK


CANCER | Morganite

21st June – 23rd July

Signifying loyalty. Cancer is sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic and kind, with an intuitive mind. Ready for anything and always generous. Enjoys feeling secure, yet loves new adventures.

Element | WATER

Dominant Keyword | FEEL


LEO-24th Jul-23rd Aug | Garnet

24th July – 23rd August

Leo is enthusiastic, generous and creative. Natural born leaders and often enjoy being the centre of attention. Born entertainers. Your energy is electric, and people gravitate towards you.

Element | FIRE

Dominant Keyword | WILL


VIRGO | Prehnite

23rd August – 23rd September

Sign that signifies conscientiousness. Often reserved, modest and practical. Always seeking to know and understand. Ambitious and wants to know more, to gain wisdom, and put it into practical use.

Element | EARTH

Dominant Keyword | ANALYSE


LIBRA | Lepidolite

23rd September – 23rd October

Libra is active, artistic and easy going but determined and practical. Easy to like and has captivating charm while being superb listeners. Great at socialising and entertaining people in style.

Element | AIR

Dominant Keyword | BALANCE  


SCORPIO | Turquoise

23rd October – 22nd November

Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and emotional. Can be the sign of extremes. Powerful and independent, but needs people. Encompassing the best and worst in human nature!

Element | WATER

Dominant Keyword | DESIRE


SAGITTARIUS | Ruby Zoisite

23rd November - 22nd December

The sign that signifies ambition and generosity. Freedom-loving and a seeker of challenges, open to new ideas and explorations. Naturally cheerful and able to let the darker moments roll over quickly.

Elements | FIRE

Dominant Keyword | SEE


JHANA - "Create a little magic”

Macramé jewellery and vegan candles inspired by crystals and their incredible capacity to bring goodness to us all. All this is shared with you through Jhana creations.

Handmade in Fuerteventura.