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Meditation Mala 108 beads of Seashell, Gemstones and Sandal Wood from India.

Hand made with Love and Intention.

 Ocean shell beads and guru beads- silk tassel the water element always with you. Armony and flow.

 Citrine Quartz Crystal

The golden ray naturally attracts abundance in many forms. You can work on the solar plexus for feeling more happiness in your life. its energy also revitalize the body and eliminate toxins.

 Tiger Eye gemstone

its healing properties comes from a combination of the Sun and Earth elements. it works on the personal power and confidence.

 Sandal Wood from india

Grounding,Uplifting, Calming.

It tells us to not be in a haste to accomplish any goal or perform any task.

The spiritual meaning of sandalwood also encourages us to pay attention to the beauty of nature. It establishes a connection between us and the power of nature.

Connecting with nature relieves you of stress. It refreshes your mind and eliminates negativity.


RETURN TO WILD: Return to Essence, Return to Nature, Return to Wild.
Handmade 100% Natural creations inspired by the Wild Nature of Fuerteventura.