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Style: 2 mm

Size: 178x61cm

High quality yoga mat perfect for beginners in yoga.

This mat is non-slip and improves grip with sweat much more. Composed of a rubber base and a sweat-wicking microfiber layer so it is not necessary to use a towel on top of it.

Rubber improves cushioning and stability. This reduces the risk of injury and joint pain.

Thickness 2mm Measurements 178x61cm



You can keep your mat well sanitized by spraying a homemade spray of water and essential oils on the surface.

In this way you will get a completely clean mat with a wonderful smell.

For a deep wash you can wash it with soap and water and let it air dry.

We recommend that you keep your mat unrolled for as long as possible to increase its useful life.

It is very important that you do not aggressively scrub the mat or use chemical sprays on it as this could affect not only the drawing but also the materials.


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